Building Codes.

Tools™ helps prevent costly mistakes and maximise efficiency by transforming the National Construction Codes (NCC) into interactive, easy-to-understand graphics and where appropriate incorporating deemed to comply and best practice information.

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How does it work?

We’ve summarised the NCC into simple, interactive graphics. Building Codes, version and Class references are all included, as well as best practices and risk information that you won’t find elsewhere. Stop wasting your time researching Codes, interpreting confusing rules and communicating requirements using words. Find, Zoom and Share the essential information you need.

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A picture tells 1,000 words.

Humans are hard wired to understand images far quicker than blocks of text. Tools™ transforms as much as 30 pages of text, tables and figures into a single, informative graphic.

Why sift through piles of confusing, disorganised rules and regulations when you can just use Tools™?

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About us.

Jerry Tyrrell’s brainchild, Tools™ was born after decades of frustration, witnessing the same easily avoidable mistakes being made.

Knowledge is the solution to our industry’s quality crisis. Millions of wonderful ancient buildings were built by proud designers and craftsmen using age old best practice and wisdom. They didn’t need piles of confusing rules and regulations.

Tools™ unlocks construction knowledge and simplifies building compliance.

A short history…

Europeans start building in Australia
Students search libraries
for best practice
Launch of the
NCC becomes
is created
Tools™ App
Defects decrease.
Build quality increases


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Customer Stories.

This tool impressed me with the way these diagrams easily explained what we document in 2D, especially like the glazing window (albeit for commercial) and the view with the window removed, this really starts to talk about sequencing – which I hope could be the next phase in your vast opportunities in developing this “Tool”.

Looking forward to seeing this platform progress.
Jade Hudson
Documentation Manager
We’re not all literal people.
I see Tools as a great way to resolve the confusion in our industry.
James Drury
Post Contracts Administrator
Your App was introduced to me by a colleague. Brilliant! I liked it so much. It helps in my drive for standardisation in the fire protection industry. I have been in the fire & HVAC industry for 30+ years and it still amazes me that so many interpretations exist of what is black & white. In my case this is AS1851-2012 & DA19. Your illustrations take away the “grey” with installations of simple fire systems as an example.
Garry Lewis
Game changer !

Many congrats, absolutely amazingly clear precise relevant condensed content the industry is frankly begging for – wish I had this years ago – give me a heads up on the IPO !!
Shaun Uloth
MSc(Prop Dev/Proj Mmgt) ACIOB MAPM
Hi Jerry,

Just an update. I intend to retire this year and therefore will not require your service. My biggest regret is that you and your company didn’t exist 50 years ago. I still think it is the most fantastic resource for architects and construction professionals I have ever seen. In a weird way I am disappointed I no longer have a need for it.

Well done and good luck.
Stephen Petrie
Thanks Jerry.

LOVE this stuff!! Makes me want to continue designing!
Kylie Mitchell
Chapter Liaison
The ABCB should be embedding Tools into the NCC – its a nonsense to try to adequately describe a 3D world in text.
Angus Crowe