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We’re all about unlocking crucial construction knowledge that’s often buried in those dense documents like the NCC and its referenced documents.

Our big goal? Picture this: “No major defects in Australian construction by 2030.”

Exciting, right? We’re on a mission to make that goal a reality, and we want you to be a part of it. Let’s join forces to revolutionise Australian construction and turn “No major defects by 2030” from just an idea into a solid achievement.

All content on the Australian version of Tools™️️ is based upon the latest version of the NCC and relevant reference documents. Additionally Best Practice Information, not found in current publications, is also included. Ultimately it is your choice, but we are confident you will grow to love and rely on Tools as a simple and effective alternative to current publications in use.

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Yes! We’re very excited to have launched our Mobile App for both Android and Apple iOS users. You can download these from the Google Play and Apple App Store or by searching for “Building Tools”.

Simplifying the codes is what we are all about and it starts with our categories on our home page:

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Tools™ is simplifying building codes. Our goal is to help you prevent costly mistakes and maximise efficiency.  So how do we do this? By transforming the National Construction Codes (NCC) into interactive, easy-to-understand graphics and, where appropriate, incorporating deemed to comply and best practice information.  Let’s go through what you see:

CITATIONS[1]:  All content on the Australian version of Tools™️️ is based upon the latest version of the NCC and relevant reference documents.  So if you see a citation [1] , simply click on the number and we let you know the code and/or document where the value or information has been sourced from.

RED TEXT: Red text means this is CRITICAL for compliance, therefore, it MUST be done to comply with codes. We also use it to show any rules stipulated by the  manufacturer that are required to comply with the codes.  So, no ifs or buts, follow the RED and let’s get it right the first time!

BLUE TEXT: Blue means Best Practice.  You’ve got it right with the RED (CRITICAL) so why not take it to the next level and follow Best Practice.

GREY TEXT: Grey means Informative. We like to give you as much information as we can on a graphic but keeping it simple and clear.  Knowledge is key, so if it’s important information from the manufacturer, we have added it here.

O’METERS: Your trusty sidekick in navigating through the maze of compliance requirements. Clickable and convenient, they whisk you away to relevant tools that match the content you’re exploring. Whether you’re delving into the various classes of Concrete Form Finishes or deciphering the complexities of BAL Ratings in Bushfire Construction, O’Meters streamline your journey, making compliance a breeze.


At Tools™, we’ve got your back with our different pricing tiers that fit your needs like a glove. Whether you’re just dipping your toes in or leading a full-fledged team, we’ve got tiers to suit every stride. Check out our pricing here and find your perfect fit today!

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Get started with Projects and SpecTools™

SpecTools™ is a revolutionary specification document that turns the tedious and wordy world of construction specifications on its head. It’s like a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stuffy room.  Watch this Video for more.

For more information on creating a Project in Tools™ please watch the below video.

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