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All content on the Australian version of Tools™️️ is based upon the latest version of the NCC and relevant reference documents. Additionally best practice Information not found in current publications is also included. Ultimately it is your choice, but we are confident you will grow to love and rely on Tools as a simple and effective alternative to current publications in use.
Good question! FREE users can access all Tools™ but only for a limited number of views per month. PRO users get unlimited views. Additionally, we have an exciting list of PRO only features such as the CPD program and QA Checklists.
Yes! We’re very excited to have launched our mobile App for both Android and Apple iOS users. You can download these from the Google Play and Apple App Store. by searching for “Building Tools”.
Sure! The FREE will give you access to all Tools™, however the number of views per month is restricted. You can always get more views by sharing with friends.
We seek to prevent the devastating impact of construction mistakes & rework, and improve global building quality. How? By liberating essential construction knowledge that is locked away in confusing documents such as the NCC and Australian Standards.
When users visit Tools™ for the first time, we offer a limited view, allowing you to explore and get a sense of what Tools™ has to offer – a sneak peek into our world of simplifying building compliance. Sign up for Free (No Credit Card Required) to see more tools. Signing up will allow you to see 10 Tools for FREE per month. Tools will be on limited view when you’ve opened all your 10 FREE Tools.

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Please get in touch using the feedback form or email us on We would love to hear what content you want to see. If the required Tool doesn’t exist, we can create it for you! We’re constantly releasing new Tools, and may be able to prioritise your specific needs.

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There is nothing stopping you, and let’s face it, we all do it with movies and music streaming! BUT, we ask you to help us out. Your Subscription helps us hire quality people who can continue to produce quality construction content for you.
You can be logged in on 1 device at a time. When you login on a new device, the previous will automatically log out.
You can cancel your subscription at any time by clicking ‘Cancel plan’ from Account > Billing screen. If you cancel your subscription, Tools will downgrade you (and your team) to a free team and you will lose access to Professional plan features at the end of your billing period. If you have an annual plan, you will be notified 30 days before your annual plan is set to renew. At that time, you can change the number of seats on your annual plan for the next year; otherwise, it will renew for the same number of seats again. You could also choose not to renew your annual plan, in which case all of your team members would be paid monthly.

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