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The ABCB should be embedding Tools into the NCC – its a nonsense to try to adequately describe a 3D world in text.
Angus Crowe
Hi Jerry,

I’m loving the Tools app. Ssooo easy to understand. After 35 years in the industry, it’s teaching me things critical to designing safe and compliant spaces.
David Andrew
Senior Associate
Using this website has saved me a lot of time in referencing building standards, whether in the initial design phase or in the later detailed stages, such as the Specifications mentioned on the website. Although I haven’t yet adopted images as details, it has already addressed critical points for several projects, all without the need to consult relevant consultants or incur additional costs.
Stephen Zang
Accredited Building Designer
Hi guys,

Just wanted to let you guys know that your program Tools is getting better and better. I am starting to use It more in my design and documentation of my projects and it gives me the direct answers I need instead of deciphering the NCC always.

Keep up the great work and looking forward to more future updates.
Louis Rizzo
Principal Director
This is how quick you get information. It’s not just for yourself. This is to make sure that the end product is proper.
Chris Knierim
Love the building tools tool and the graphical representation on how to achieve compliance.
Heath McNab
Managing Director at Mbc-Group
Just wanted to say I love the details that are being provided & the interactivity that they provide.
Joshua Baker
Building Designer at JtB Drafting
I have had the pleasure of being introduced to your app because I am a member of the BDAA.
I am thoroughly impressed with what you have accomplished.
I have over 35 years continuous experience in the Engineering, Architecture and developer fields and this app is fantastic.
I have already forwarded your app details to many colleagues and commercial builders.
Andrew McDonald
Senior Technical Officer at Griffith University
Loving this tool by the way!
Craig Farrugia
Architect at Craig Farrugia Building Design
The most exciting thing I’ve ever heard of for a very long time.
Jennifer Stening
Stening Architects

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