Access / Accessibility / Accessible Off-Street Parking

1 min read 01 February 2024

So much of what we design & build is about getting the dimensions right.  All of us will need a bit more room to get out of a car at some time in our lives.  So Designers & Contractors should remember the critical Rules for these car spaces – 2.4m minimum in width, 2.2m in height plus the 2.4m additional space between car spaces.


FTR, I don’t like the trip hazard at the 45˙ transitions to walkways … why not design this out by planning footpaths cleverly?


Accessible Off-Street Parking

And don’t forget:
  • non-slip including any line marking paint
  • really strong bollards – 100mm dia. usually get damaged in the first bump esp. if < 16mm dynabolts are used
  • the cross falls / no ponding to every car space.

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