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1 min read 26 November 2023

Pools are so much fun and part of many Aussie backyards. However, sadly 17 children under 4 died in Australian pools in 2022.


Properly installed pool gates stop accidental deaths. AND stop you being sued for something you should have known about or warned your Client.




Did you know:
  • the maximum gap between gate and jamb is 10mm?
  • the latch must be at least 1.5m high or properly shielded by minimum 450mm?
  • gates open outwards (away from pool)
  • all gates and fences need constant vigilance and prompt maintenance
  • better to cable tie a faulty gate than bury a loved one.


Tools™ is concerned about your choice of material too. Pools corrode all steel products. So we recommend Aluminium & Stainless Steel in all cases.



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