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1 min read 26 January 2024

This is currently my favourite Tool … along with around 90 others … haha.


EVERYONE needs to know this stuff … yep that means YOU!  And the Telstra guy.  And the Pool Contractor.  And the Gas Plumber who’s running gas to your new Granny Flat.


Services Cover & Separation


Cover + compaction prior to laying + granular backfill (which will not damage nylon & plastics ) + WARNING tapes + separation = competent, long lasting work! 


And to all the smart arses who look us in the eye and say ‘She’ll (it’ll) be right!’  …. you will simply open your phone and watch their face drop as you show them their data cable is 200mm too high or their gas line is too close to an unprotected electrical mains cable.


And there are so many other benefits.  All of us will insist on compacted bases of trenches run close to footings.  And mandatory use of gravel and sand backfill to limit damage to structures or weird settlement of driveways/pavers because of ignorance/sloppy work.


As you can see, I like this Tool™.  It covers quite a lot!  🙂

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