Fire / Bushfire Construction / BAL – 29 / Roof Construction BAL-29

1 min read 26 November 2023

Our Bushfire Tools™ cover all 5 BALs & highlight the main issues Designers & Contractors must get right:


  • the correct insulation to use under roof sheeting
  • proprietary fire stop profiles under bottom of sheets and ridge caps – PROPERLY installed
  • the increase in fixings
  • use of non-combustible accessories such as roof vents / skylights
  • compliant mesh screening for penetrations
  • please use metal fascias, gutters AND metal downpipes
We need to tell our Clients that Bushfire Attack Levels are a lifetime obligation. This means the system cannot be modified without approval of the Bushfire Consultant. Our advice is ‘Tell the Client IN WRITING’  to properly maintain the installation and to call you BEFORE they change / push holes in your work…. or do dumb stuff like installing plastic pool heating pipes on the roof.



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