Structure / Concrete / Slabs and Footings / Stiffened Raft

1 min read 26 November 2023

Slabs on ground should last forever and be durable and flat. Your skill will help the next trades do their work successfully. Good slabs start with:

  • contractors recognising poor quality / filled areas of soil under the slab and fixing this / getting Engineer’s advice
  • excessive attention to detail of the compaction of base under the slab, especially at service trenches
  • set out check of critical setbacks and double check of RL
  • level check of edge boards and square check of corners i.e. 3:4:5. Spot check levels of centres of large areas.
  • setdowns to base of ALL wall frames / walls – even if not shown on Plans
  • careful vibration – VERTICALLY, @ 300mm centres especially at edge – vibrate edge board too!

Slabs in the right place, with set downs and careful installation are a “floorless” start to your next building …. haha.


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